Coronavirus (COVID-19) Severity Tracker.

31 March 2020 in Coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Severity Tracker.

How severe is Coronavirus in your area?

By utilising official UK Government data, the Fieldfusion team have developed a unique way of tracking the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak across the UK.

We at Fieldfusion have developed a unique Coronavirus Severity Tracker, a new method of tracking the outbreak of Covid-19 in the UK. The free-to-use website utilises population data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the latest data from Public Health England (PHE) to track the severity of the coronavirus pandemic across the UK over time. By comparing the number of confirmed cases with the population in a specific area, the tracker offers an easily accessible way for the British public to better understand the impact of the coronavirus outbreak across the UK.

Field Service professionals can also upload a list of UK Post Codes of areas to which they need to travel to undertake critical work to help decision-making during these unprecedented times.

“At Fieldfusion, we believe that data should be accessible and easy to understand,” says Graham Sawell, Fieldfusion’s founder. “By developing this application, we have provided a unique, freely accessible source of information to help people make better decisions during these unprecedented times.”

Features and benefits of the Coronavirus Severity Tracker include:
— Colour-coded map showing the impact of Covid-19 across the UK.
— Search by post code functionality.
— View historical data for each area.

The Coronavirus Severity Tracker is available now and is completely free to use. To use the tracker, visit

Please stay safe and check the Government and NHS advice on Coronavirus (Covid-19).

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