Contractor Management

Give the customer the tools to help them feel in control.

Manage and monitor third-party vendors with ease.

Employing third-parties is a fantastic way to expand your resource base when you need to grow capacity, either on a project-by-project basis or when you need to spread your geographical presence without hiring permanent staff. Fieldfusion provides contractor licenses to empower your team to manage and monitor third-parties within the same system as permanent staff.

Temporary User Accounts

Lower cost temporary or fixed-term user accounts allow you to manage external contractors with the same ease and processes as permanent staff.

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Cross-project Visibility and Oversight

By empowering you to monitor and manage third-party vendor activities in the same way as permanent staff, we can help you automate subcontractor assignments and job dispatching, as well as manage costings, pricing agreements, and work orders.

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Dedicated Engineer App

On-board contractors and send job sheets through the Dedicated Fieldfusion Engineer App and monitor their locations in real-time, through the same app as permanent staff whilst showing them only the information they need to see.

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Manage third-party contractors easily. See Fieldfusion in action...