Dashboards and Statistics

Exceptional visualisation — powerful charts giving the full picture.

Accurate data is vital, but if it isn't presented clearly it can lead to frustration and missed opportunities.

Often it's the dashboards, statistics and reporting which let down other mobile workforce apps. Fieldfusion's approach stands out from the crowd by being simple, powerful and informative — utilising data intuitively to provide you with valuable insights to help drive change.

Business performance at a glance

Our powerful reporting and charting technology allows comprehensive reporting and analytics at the touch of a button. Whatever information you need, you can bring it together in Fieldfusion — from vehicle mileage and journey times, to engineer and parts availability.

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Schedule with ease

Your customisable dashboards are designed to make scheduling as simple and as easy as possible. Using intelligent GANTT charts you can visualise the dependency relationships between aspects of each job, such as workforce availability and required skills.

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Have it your way

Reports can be viewed within Fieldfusion via the dashboard and can be exported to PDF and Microsoft Excel as required.

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Financial Clarity

Avoid the need need to manually bring together information from multiple sources. Instead, all data is in one place within Fieldfusion, ready to be used as required. Draw up financial reports on turnover, expenses, jobs, debtors and more.

Dynamic features

We’ve enabled Fieldfusion's dashboards and reporting tools to be easily adaptable for your business or operating sector.

Customized reporting

Fieldfusion allows you to create and use reports to really explain your business. From finances to scheduling, we put you in control. Choose from our wide selection of standardised reports or create your own quickly and simply.

Insightful analytics

Fieldfusion handles the big data so that you can make clearly informed decisions.

Configurable dashboard

With Fieldfusion you are not constrained by a standard dashboard design. Instead, you are in the driving seat. Configure the dashboard to suit your business.

Business control

Our dashboards, statistics and reporting functions put you in control. Get immediate oversight or dive deep in to the data, the choice is yours.

Intuitive and simple

With clear visualisations and intuitive processes, Fieldfusion’s dashboard is designed for ease-of-use.

Take control. See Fieldfusion's dashboard and statistics features in action...