Health & Safety

Protecting your staff, customers and business.

The Fieldfusion cloud-based mobile workforce app is designed with Health & Safety functionality at its core.

The H&S Portal allows engineers to access all relevant information for a job at the touch of a button. In addition they can utilise all required forms and pre-created RAMS.

Uncompromising with safety

Fieldfusion enables Health & Safety with clear insights throughout the app. A seamless link between field and office staff ensures visibility and provides a cornerstone of safety — with Fieldfusion you always know where your staff are and what they are doing.

Mobile workers get immediate, on-the-job access to relevant H&S information and are required to complete pre-created RAMS before a job commences. This allows business leaders to feel confident that jobs are performed safely and expertly for the benefit of both employees and customers.

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Mandatory Requirements

You can set mandatory requirements that an engineer must complete before commencing a job, including personalised risk assessments.

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Back office support can quickly and easily see that mobile workers are operating safely.

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