Logistics & Delivery Services

Deliver powerful logistics and delivery services with the Fieldfusion mobile workforce app.

The Problem:

Logistics and delivery businesses face complex problems of routing and tracking. High volumes and highly variable jobs can make the efficient running of your business immensely difficult. Additionally, ensuring your mobile workforce is safe whilst also meeting customer expectations is a tall order.

The Solution:

Fieldfusion is a powerful asset for logistics and delivery businesses. With powerful job management and scheduling, every base is covered. Additionally, each job and customer can be traced, with signatures gathered in the field. The engineer app ensures task insight for each worker and enabling them to be secure whilst working in the field.

Key Features:

Logistics and delivery businesses particularly benefit from the Job & Task Management, Scheduling and Client Management (CRM) features of the Fieldfusion app.


Fieldfusion enables real-time routing and scheduling updates. See where each delivery worker is and amend routes as needed.

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Manage complex scheduling with clear, intuitive and intelligent Gantt charts.

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Notify customers regarding their delivery or collection, as well as communicate effectively between back office and delivery staff.

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Ensure customer loyalty by keeping clear records of deliveries and collections.

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Health & Safety

The Forms Portal and RAMS Creator Tool in Fieldfusion gives delivery staff in-app access to a range of industry-specific forms and documents relevant to logistics work.

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Ready to let Fieldfusion make your logistics/delivery business more efficient?