Painting & Decorating

The Fieldfusion cloud-based fieldwork app enables painting and decorating businesses to be organised, productive and efficient.

The Problem:

Painting and decorating firms rely on their workers being dispatched with the right equipment and materials. Time and money is easily wasted through inefficient quotations, poor asset management and badly timed and costed jobs. Wasting time reduces profitability.

The Solution:

Fieldfusion enables painters and decorators to work effectively without an office, without getting tangled in administration. Quotating and invoicing is simple. Materials can be ordered and traced so that jobs are managed more effectively.

Key Features:

Painting and decorating businesses particularly benefit from the Purchase Order, Quoting, Customer Management and Invoicing features of Fieldfusion.


Fieldfusion works in real-time to keep painters and decorators informed.

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A live map of your jobs and the locations of your painters and decorators make scheduling work simple and efficient.

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Communicate safely and effectively with customers and between staff, despite being in the field.

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Ensure that jobs are managed clearly and intuitively from beginning to end so that there is accountability and business reputation is improved.

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Health & Safety

Use the integrated H&S forms and job completion forms to ensure that jobs are managed safely and efficiently.

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Ready to increase the profitability of your painting and decorating business?