The Fieldfusion mobile workforce app provides structure for your roofing business.

The Problem:

As a roofing contractor, you have a range of individuals and teams working in the field. You need to respond to reactive call-outs and quotation requests, as well as manage planned jobs such as full roof replacements or installation. You need to manage your mobile teams' risk, alongside tracking and ordering materials. It’s a complex business to organise.

The Solution:

Fieldfusion is the app for roofing contractors to enable you to schedule both reactive and planned jobs with confidence, safe in the knowledge that the correct materials have been ordered. With clear job management as well as exceptional scheduling capacity using intelligent, intuitive GANTT charts, Fieldfusion makes your business more effective, efficient and profitable.

Key Features:

Roofing businesses particularly benefit from the Job Management, Quoting, Invoicing, Purchase Ordering and H&S Portal features of the Fieldfusion app.


Fieldfusion enables real-time updates to schedules and job management according to workforce availability, skills and availability of materials.

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Intelligent GANTT charts make scheduling quick, easy and intuitive.

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Staff on site and in the office can communicate seamlessly with one another using Fieldfusion's built in chat feature. This ensures customers are kept informed, with all information available at the touch of a button.

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Purchase orders can be linked to jobs, and invoices are too. Clear knowledge of each job and roofer is made possible. Create customisable workflows and monitor where jobs are in the task status monitor.

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Health & Safety

The H&S Portal is designed to meet all your H&S needs. Inside you’ll find information regarding H&S which is relevant to roofing contractors working from height. Additionally, the RAMS Creator Tool is ideal for pre-job risk assessments tailored to each job.

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Ready to see how Fieldfusion can benefit your residential roofing business?