Telecoms and Broadband

The Fieldfusion cloud field app speeds up your telecoms and broadband business.

The Problem:

Your telecoms and broadband engineers rely on exceptional communication with the back office. This is important not only for scheduling reactive, routine and planned work, it is also essential to provide transparency across jobs, particularly with Health & Safety compliance.

The Solution:

Fieldfusion fuses back office support with engineers in the field. Job & task management is seamless and combined with the Fieldfusion intelligent Gantt chart dashboard, simplifies complex scheduling. Compliance is prioritised and made simple through the Forms Portal, and all client history can be viewed quickly and easily.

Key Features:

Telecoms and broadband businesses particularly benefit from the Job & Task Management, Client Manager (CRM) and Forms Portal features of the Fieldfusion app.


With real time job scheduling and management it is possible to keep both engineers and customers informed clearly in real-time.

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Fieldfusion is ahead of the game with intelligent Gantt chart scheduling which makes it easy to diarise the right engineers at the right time in the right location.

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Communication is made simple with alerts and communications within the app and the ability to communicate between office, engineer and customer.

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See what’s happened with an individual job, an engineer or understand patterns in order to inform business decisions.

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Health & Safety

Telecoms and broadband engineers find the Fieldfusion Forms Portal to be a cut above the rest. Industry-specific documentation works alongside Fieldfusion's unique RAMS Creator Tool.

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Ready to see how Fieldfusion can increase efficiency for your telecoms and broadband business?