Scheduling and Planning

Industry-leading scheduling — visually intuitive, intelligent planning.

The Fieldfusion cloud mobile workforce app is a cut above the rest when it comes to scheduling and planning.

Designed to eliminate the complications faced when scheduling fieldwork, the planning features use visually informative, intelligent GANTT charts to simplify a complex process.

Diary management and intelligent scheduling

Using drag-and-drop functionality, multiple complex diaries and schedules can be managed easily and in one place. With multiple viewing options available via clear, insightful dashboards, staff can manage schedules according to job, engineer, skill and time requirements.

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Route optimisation

GPS data and Google mapping powers our route optimisation feature and feeds into scheduling so engineers are able to work as efficiently as possible. Fieldfusion helps reduce driving time, eliminate wasted opportunities and minimise fuel costs.

Geographical zoning enables back office staff to visualise job locations clearly so engineers' schedules can be updated in real-time.

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Engineer locations can be visualised on maps, in real time, within the Fieldfusion app. This helps ensure engineers' safety and security and optimise job scheduling. This is also particularly useful when responding to emergency calls as back office staff can quickly identify the closest engineer.

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You have a wealth of information available, from the skills of available engineers to parts order statuses. However it can be nearly impossible to manage this knowledge manually in the detail and timescales you need it.

Fieldfusion puts knowledge firmly in your hands, once again allowing you to send the right engineer at the right time, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.


Real-time updates enable schedules to be correct at all times. With changes such as cancellations or part requirements, the time of each engineer is used more efficiently and effectively.


Scheduling and planning typically requires the management of large volumes of highly complex data. Fieldfusion uses intelligent algorithms to automate processes so staff can move from fire-fighting across multiple apps to overseeing everything from within the Fieldfusion app.


We take a logical approach to scheduling and planning fieldwork. Fieldfusion makes intelligent suggestions but your employees are still in full control. We enable efficiency with clear and straightforward processes and visually insightful data.


Fieldfusion allows you to reduce the difficulties associated with the complicated task of creating, scheduling and managing multiple jobs across large field teams.

See the scheduling and planner features of FieldFusion in action...