Facilities Management

Fieldfusion fuses your helpdesk, sub-contractors and resources to make your life easier.

The Problem:

Facilities management is a daily, complex juggling act. Reactive works and maintenance arising through the help-desk sit alongside vital routine maintenance requirements. Subcontractors need to be dispatched according to skill, availability, location and cost considerations. The result is a complex system where inefficiencies result in cost-overruns and mistakes can frequently occur.

The Solution:

Fieldfusion's automated functions simplify and streamline complex processes to increase task efficiency, resulting in a workflow delivering more effective facilities management. Fieldfusion's integrated purchase order and accounting functionality, combined with exceptional job management and scheduling, means facilities managers gain vital job oversight.

Key Features:

Facilities Management businesses particularly benefit from Fieldfusion's Automated Functions, Asset Management, Invoicing, Engineer App, Job Management and Scheduling features.


As the helpdesk responds to stakeholder concerns, scheduling and subcontractor time can be managed effectively with real-time updating.

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The management of numerous subcontractors working on a variety of complex jobs across geographically widespread areas can be displayed, organised and understood clearly via Fieldfusion’s intelligent GANTT charts and integrated mapping functionality.

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Users can be kept up to date with developments on their jobs. Communication between subcontractors and the office is clear and recorded.

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Progress on workflows is built-in to Fieldfusion so that facilities managers can gain insight in a myriad of ways.

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Health & Safety

Office staff and subcontractors in the field can access a full range of relevant H&S forms and documentation, especially vital to those required by trade regulations, e.g. NICEIC and Gas Safe Register.

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