Electrical Contracting

Simplify your electrical contracting workflow with the Fieldfusion mobile workforce app.

The Problem:

Your electrical contracting business will typically be managing a large number of jobs at once—each with a complex range of tasks and a variety of parts requirements. Therefore, managing to get the right engineer to the correct place at the right time with the right equipment is a complicated task, increasing the likelihood of costly errors and delays. You also operate in a sector with many statutory Health & Safety requirements.

The Solution:

Fieldfusion provides a seamless link between electrical contractors and the back office. Multiple, varied jobs can be managed quickly through the Fieldfusion web app, and automation ensures everything is updated in real-time. Engineers can arrive at site secure in the knowledge they have the right information and paperwork to finish the job. The app streamlines your workflows, with a particular focus on Health & Safety, and enables effective organisation of daily tasks.

Key Features:

Electrical contracting businesses benefit from our Client Managemer (CRM) and RAMS Creator.


Fieldfusion sends automated reminders and notifications to both engineers and customers, ensuring disruptions are minimised and jobs can proceed without delay.

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Automation and visualisations allows engineers to complete more jobs per day via routing and scheduling optimisation.

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Communicate safely and effectively, whilst reducing paperwork with our in-app chat functionality.

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Speed-up processses whilst gaining insight in to how your business operates. Issue electrical certification and PAT tests with assurance and attach them to each job when complete.

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Health & Safety

Meet and exceed the H&S requirements of the electrical industry with mandatory forms and the versatile RAMS Creator tool.

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Ready to see how Fieldfusion can benefit your electrical contracting business?