RAMS Creator Tool

Tailored RAMS to protect your business.

As part of our Health and Safety Portal, Fieldfusion offers a unique RAMS Creator Tool. It's enables your business to create bespoke RAMS, which are then attached to jobs. These customised RAMS are then available on-the-job to engineers in real-time.

The RAMS Creator Tool has been developed to help businesses like yours increase both worker and customer safety. By tailoring RAMS to not only fit your business, but each specific job, you can be sure that Health & Safety is embedded in everything you do.

Build your reputation

Mistakes in Health & Safety can be costly and devastating to your business. By using the RAMS Creator Tool you are in control of the increasingly complex task of risk assessments.

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Risk-assessment simplicity

The RAMS Creator Tool makes risk assessment creation and execution as simple as possible.

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Mandatory requirements

Attach RAMS to jobs and make them a mandatory first step for an engineer turning up on site.

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Don't just give a nod to H&S, embed it. See the RAMS creator tool in action...