Paperless efficiency: manage your field service business with Fieldfusion.

Save time, improve efficiency and increase revenue by integrating Fieldfusion's paperless mobile workforce management solution into your organisation's workflow.

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Fieldfusion Mobile Workforce Management Workflow

Save time. Improve efficiency. Increase revenue.

Fieldfusion's cloud-based mobile workforce management software provides a significant, measurable, ongoing boost to your field service business's key metrics. It empowers your organisation by simplifying complex scheduling processes, maximising efficiency and delighting your customers.

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Save Time

From sending important documents to field staff instantly, to scheduling engineers at the touch of a button, Fieldfusion ensures your workforce is able to use their time as effectively as possible.

Improve Efficiency

From unnecessary callouts, to lost paperwork or duplicated processes, all businesses have areas where efficiency can be improved. Fieldfusion helps you identify and overcome those pinch points.

Increase Revenue

By saving time and improving efficiency with Fieldfusion, you and your team are free to do what you do best—provide exceptional customer service and increase revenue.

Enhance Security

Fieldfusion ensures your company and customers' data is safe and secure. Eliminating the risk of losing physical paperwork simplifies GDPR compliance.

Simplify Health & Safety

Fieldfusion makes easy work of Health & Safety compliance. Our easy-to-use RAMS creator tool means all documentation is ready to access instantly in the field.

Lower Carbon Footprint

From lowering journey times to eliminating physical waste, Fieldfusion helps your business significantly reduce its environmental impact.

What is Fieldfusion?

Focused on ease-of-use, Fieldfusion is cloud-based Field Service Management (FSM) software — a web application for office staff, and a mobile application for field engineers. Available on Android, iPhone, PC, and Mac, Fieldfusion is simple to use with intelligent technology, an intuitive design, and integrates seamlessly with other apps to create an end-to-end solution. Here are a few key points we focused on when building Fieldfusion:


Other fieldwork apps bring unnecessary complexity into your workflow. We keep simplicity in mind, focusing solely on providing the best mobile workforce management experience possible.


Fieldfusion displays everything from maps and graphs to reports and schedules in visually informative ways—our intelligent Gantt charts provide real-time insight across your workforce.


Your reputation depends on providing the best possible solution for your customers and we're no different.


We want you to spend less time overcoming duplicate processes so you can focus on what matters—providing outstanding service.


Who are we?

Fieldfusion is made up of a skilled team of experts. We have decades of collective experience working in both an operational and IT capacity for field service organisations, including infrastructure and cloud-platform design. This has enabled us to recognise the unique dilemmas and difficulties faced by many in the field service industry. Our motivation has been to develop an app which proactively solves these problems and brings enterprise-level functionality to SMEs.

We didn’t just design another field work app to add another layer of complexity. We stripped down the tasks and processes to build a solution from the bottom up. The result is a cloud-based field work app which transforms processes once characterised by complexity and inefficiency.

We are changing the way you do field work. We are Fieldfusion.


Fieldfusion has been designed, tested and refined to be easy-to-use through the intuitive use of technology. No unnecessarily complicated processes or repeated actions—just simple, straightforward web and mobile apps built to make working life easier for office staff and mobile workers.


Integration becomes central to your workflow. Fieldfusion enables seamless interaction between office staff and those working in the field. Customer information, work schedules, and health and safety documentation and more are all integrated securely with full-GDPR compliance. Fieldfusion is cloud-based, so eliminates the need for constant software updates.


We understand field workers’ have different requirements in different sectors and created a cloud-based fieldwork app which overcomes many of the difficulties faced by technicians in the field. From signing-off jobs with digital signatures, to integrated forms and health and safety paperwork, Fieldfusion is powerful technology in the palm of your hand. This is the tool your business needs to elevate its reputation through exceptional customer service.

Do more with less.

Fieldfusion fuses your back office and field staff in a way not possible before.


No time delays. Manage schedules on the road from the palm of your hand.

Connectivity and Security

Blend back office and field tasks through seamless connectivity.
Data back-ups and security protocols are integral to Fieldfusion.

Intelligent Scheduling

Our algorithms simplify scheduling through use of intelligent Gantt charts—from a single job for one engineer to multiple team-based tasks there are no more impossibilities, just efficiency.

Health and Safety

Health & Safety is at the core of what you do, so it’s at the core of Fieldfusion. Health & Safety is made simple by integrating seamlessly into the Fieldfusion workflow.


Create a central hub of accessible information so that the right person has access to the right knowledge at the right time. From photos to work history, it’s all at your fingertips.

Automated Functions

Remove duplication through automation tools built to make you more effective at what you do and increase customer satisfaction.


See the difference.

If your business is hampered by complexity and hindered by inefficiency, you know that technology should be able to help but haven't found a solution that works. You need a field app which meets your expectations. You need absolute assurance that the technology you choose has Health & Safety functionality at its heart. You need a real-time, connected, intuitively integrated solution.

From electricians to plumbers, HVAC workers to property maintenance, landscaping to cleaning, Fieldfusion is your solution. We'd love to discuss how Fieldfusion can propel your business to success. Book a free demo today.

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