The Fieldfusion cloud-based fieldwork app is designed for HVAC engineers.

The Problem:

Working in heating, ventilation and air conditioning services, jobs are often constrained by delays with assigning resources to the right job. You have varied tasks in installation, maintenance and repair and a complex network of engineers out on the road, each with their individual and varied skillsets.

The Solution:

Fieldfusion provides a seamless link between your HVAC engineers and office staff, working together ensures task workflows become simpler and clearer. Utilising Fieldfusion's specialised planning and scheduling features, you gain control of your resources, achieving increased efficiency and building a strong reputation.

Key Features:

HVAC businesses can benefit from the Fieldfusion Engineer App, Forms Portal and RAMS Creator Tool features.


Fieldfusion allows you to optimise route scheduling and planning to reduce wasted time. All information is updated in real-time, accessible to both office and field-based staff.

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The Fieldfusion scheduling feature is intuitive and ensures that HVAC engineers are tasked appropriately.

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In-app communication provides transparency whilst also enabling HVAC workers to access relevant forms at the touch of a button.

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Centralised data, all accessible through the app, provides insight of your operations, at an individual task, job or even project level.

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Health & Safety

H&S underpins the work of your HVAC engineers. Fieldfusion provides customised RAMS, managed through the app.

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Ready to see how Fieldfusion can benefit your HVAC business?