Simple tips for managing your field team

11 May 2019 in Field Service

Simple tips for managing your field team

Field service managers are expected to do more than ever before; they have to control costs and improve customer satisfaction, whilst making sure health and safety and quality of service remains high.

Many field service managers face daily struggles, here we have outlined a few simple tips that new technology offers to help resolve these issues.

Engineer tracking

When working with field teams, finding the perfect balance between independence and control is important. You need to maintain visibility in the field without having to constantly contact your engineers for regular updates.

Investment in systems that allow for real-time monitoring of field engineers’ locations will not only improve visibility but will solve job scheduling problems. You will be able to keep on top of job progress and make scheduling changes as they appear using our GANTT charts for a quick view of your engineers’ schedule, avoiding any wasted time slots throughout the working day.

Productivity monitoring

Ensuring productivity is one of the most problematic tasks when working with field teams. When you’re unable to see your workers each day, it can be tricky trying to monitor the amount of work they complete and when exactly they completed it.

We’re not suggesting you constantly monitor your field staff, because this could cause upset amongst your staff, instead we provide you with the tools and reports to track and accurately measure productivity.

Maintaining communication

Effective communication is a key factor within any industry, however, for a mobile workforce it is crucial for every job.

Communication should continue even after the job has been dispatched. It’s important to obtain ongoing updates, costs and asset info. Having suitable communication tools allows your engineers to focus on their jobs and lets dispatchers remotely manage any changing elements of the job.

Reliable communication conventions should also be in place, so your engineers know how to reach back end office staff, and other engineers for advice when in the field. Using the right tools for communicating on the job and training the team to use them guarantees that a mobile team can work together efficiently.

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