Adapting technology is changing field services

17 June 2019 in Field Service

Adapting technology is changing field services

Cloud technology has transformed the way business is conducted in many industries – field services in particular are seeing a huge change.

The modernised processes that cloud-based job management software offers are motivating many in the field service industry to put down the old pen and paper procedures and adapt the new technology available today. Engineers in the field can access real time work updates on their mobile devices while still doing what they do best, which offers a more efficient experience for both customers and engineers.


Technology cuts the time engineers spend completing non-value work. With the automation of field service technology, field engineers can spend more time on the job, improving customer relations and increasing the return on profits for the business.

Cloud software and job management are amongst the more recent technologies to hit the field service industry, yet, innovations occur continually. It is of upmost importance for small and medium sized businesses and field service businesses to stay up-to-date and learn about the technology which is becoming rapidly available. Field service software used to be limited to large enterprises because of its high cost, but as technology is becoming more readily available, everyone including sole traders who work in the field can benefit from adapting to new technology.


Mobile technology delivers greater support for an engineer’s work when in the field. Having quick access to technical specs and diagnostics, with the ability to request or locate necessary assets on a job ensures a high-quality service, but also increases engineers’ productivity day-to-day. The flexibility of mobile and cloud software provides engineers with efficient methods, reducing paperwork and resource constraints often met during new or complicated jobs. With efficient software, workers can rapidly engage with support staff to identify faults or to find resolutions for issues that previously would have required additional time on site or even re-visits.

Customer experience

If customer satisfaction is at the heart of your company’s business model, then embracing this new influx of technology is crucial. Field engineers are expected to deliver a high-quality service and support for each visit. Investing in suitable field management software will not only help streamline your job processes such as scheduling, billing, and invoicing, but will also equip your engineers with important procedural and customer information.

Implementing the right tools and technology available at an engineer’s fingertips can help them deliver the best customer service by resolcing and addressing any issues instantly.

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