Field Service in the Cloud

17 June 2019 in Field Service

Field Service in the Cloud

The cloud-based programming insurgency is definitely changing the scene for organisations with field staff.

The times of running a variety of programs to deal with fundamental business assignments like planning, invoicing and monitoring are quickly turning into a relic of past times. Rather, field engineers are getting all that they need from the palm of their hands because of cloud-based innovations that are driving a revolution in connectivity and mobility.

What’s more, a move to the cloud does not really need to cost a lot. Truth be told, numerous organisations are finding that they are reducing their IT costs and gaining profits when using such cloud-based solutions.


Savvy organisations utilising these innovations are changing the client experience while building super-proficient work forces that are more practical and efficient than any other time before. Improved connectivity implies less time in the workplace. Field engineers are allowed to concentrate on the work that truly matters – explaining client issues, building solid connections and reducing the number of unnecessary re-visits.


One of the key advantages of cloud computing for field organisations is the openness of vital business information. A survey by Field Service News concluded that 68% of organisations are thinking about a move to the cloud and are doing as such in light of the “easy remote access that the cloud offers”. The opportunity is there for field service organisations to harness the power of the cloud and fuse the gap between the back-end office staff and the field engineers.

Products, admin procedures and assets changing rapidly, and on a large scale, displays a key test for many Field Service organisations, as far as keeping up with the latest and working with the most current information and other specialised resources. In any case, the cloud beats these difficulties by ensuring that this data is easily found and readily available.


The advantages of having your data centralised and accessible by means of any online device creates a hub for your field team to have all the information they need, and just a click away.

Field staff can rapidly and effectively:

⦁ Access client visit history
⦁ Check data about key client resources
⦁ Review the latest job specifications
⦁ Upload photos or updates on current jobs
⦁ Get notifications directly to their mobile apps
⦁ Plan calls and collaborate with back end staff.

Concentrate on what matters most

Admin and desk work is the most repetitive piece of a field managers life. It’s tedious and takes the core focus on getting the job done away from the work. Repetitive and monotonous tasks often lead to mistakes being made. A connected field team that is controlled by cloud innovation has the majority of their data organised, and can finish all the necessary admin work associated with each job while still on the client site – job completion sheets being a prime example, being able to sign off and send electronically will eliminate any issues that could pop up down the line.

Back end office staff managing the field staff can:

⦁ Service calls continuously
⦁ Schedule and reschedule client appointments
⦁ Proactively plan utilising real-time knowledge
⦁ Predict stock levels and plan accordingly

Through improved connectivity and with a joint effort with the field engineers, your workforce can be in a much better position to perform job estimates, organise assets, and fulfil visit requirements at short notice, all of which can change the client experience for the better.

Currently these kinds of head office and field functions are spread out over a variety of software that are commonly not integrated with each other, therefore requiring repetitive input wasting valuable time. A cloud-based solution like FieldFusion brings the urgent parts of the business together, all in one place.

Security concerns

One of the main worries for Field Service industries when considering a move to the cloud is the security of their information. Security at FieldFusion is at the top of our priorities, all your sensitive information is encrypted within a universal authentication & authorisation platform.

Ironically security is commonly the main reason companies move their systems into to the cloud, and yet one of the top reasons behind not moving to the cloud. Of the Field Service organisations that have not yet moved to the cloud, 48% referred to security worries as a fundamental snag in the Field Service News survey. In any case, information facilitated in the cloud is generally more secure than information stored within the company’s premises – either in the workplace or on shared servers. Cloud application suppliers like FieldFusion take information security very seriously.

Pricing misconceptions

The expenses related with executing a cloud-based solution can be a key concern for organisations, however, IT related expenses are frequently reduced with such a solution – positively affecting the return on investment.

In any industry, making your workforce more efficient will always have a positive effect on your profits so this needs to be considered when deciding whether to make the jump into the cloud.


The enormous capacity, impressive functionality and the moderately low expenses of cloud imply that even small to medium sized organisations can profit by the technologies which were once held for only large enterprises with the huge budgets to suit. Cloud has, in multiple ways created a level playing field.

Cloud based software like FieldFusion offers a huge array of advantages to field service industries, allowing them to overcome the most common pain points which are faced daily within these companies. Fusing your back office workforce with your customer facing field employees will revolutionise the customer experience.

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